IELTS Speaking Practice | Talk about a person whom you recently met and liked

Talk about a person whom you met recently and like. Please say

– When and where did you meet?
– Why do you like him/her?
– Would you like to spend more time with this person?

Here are some tips for scoring well in the IELTS Speaking Test. Here is an overview of Part 2 of the Speaking test.

Sample response

Last month I had a chance meeting with an environmental activist. Actually he is a retired teacher. He works for the conservation of indigenous varieties of mango trees. One of his students is a friend of mine and I had heard a lot about this man before our accidental meeting at my friend’s place.

The reason that I liked him was his commitment to his cause. Local varieties of mangoes are now fast disappearing from our state. Everybody is after grafted varieties that give better yield. I am not against this preference for exotic varieties, but I do believe that local varieties too need to be protected. So, when my friend told me that his teacher had planted over 1000 indigenous mango trees in and around his village I was very impressed. He didn’t do this on his own. He had the support of his students. Some villagers also came forward to help him. He doesn’t pick the fruits. He believes that fruits are meant for birds and squirrels because they take the seeds to faraway places. I like people who work for a cause. I admire those who do this without expecting anything in return. I am not sure if I will meet him again but I would definitely like to. He came across as a simple person with a vision. He doesn’t sound like a preacher or an activist and he doesn’t like to be in the news either.

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