IELTS essay: Teenagers are becoming addicted to drugs

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Teenagers are increasingly becoming drug addicts. What are the causes of this unhealthy development? Suggest some measures to fight this menace.

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The lack of parental attention and affection is one the main reasons that drive teenagers to becoming drug addicts. When both the husband and the wife pursue their respective careers, they have little time for their children. Of course families where both parents work are richer but unfortunately, children raised in such families often feel neglected by their parents.

Money and material comforts are no substitutes for love and care. Children who have ample time at their disposal when they come home from school or college generally take to drugs in order to pass time or to experiment. Before they even realize it, they become addicted to drugs and at that stage nothing can be done to bring them back to normalcy.

Education, too, has become a business these days. Schools and teachers often fail to act as guardians of the children entrusted to their care. In such a scenario students are often influenced by the anti-social elements in and around their centres of learning.

Films, internet and other forms of visual media are also responsible for this growing menace. Films and television programs often glorify such dangerous habits as drug addiction. When their favourite heroes indulge in such activities on screen, children wrongly assume that it is all right to do drugs.

I would, therefore, suggest that parents and teachers act more responsible towards their children and students. Parents should know who their children interact with and keep a close watch on their activities. They could perhaps get the help of an older relative to take care of their children in their absence. Working parents must ensure that they spend at least some time with their children. Schools and colleges must create awareness among the youth about the evil effects of drug addiction. The media can also play a significant role.

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