IELTS Cue Card | Describe the perfect job | Travel writer

Describe the perfect job for you. Please say
– What is this job?
– Why did you choose this job?
– What are the skills required for it?

Sample response

Every job has its ups and downs, so I don’t quite believe in the existence of a perfect job. Even so, I have often felt that travel writers are a privileged lot. They can explore the world and get paid for it. This, in my opinion, makes this job almost perfect. Yes, it has its downsides too; still this profession has been fascinating me for quite some time and I would like to give it a try. I enjoy travelling. I enjoy writing too. My current job doesn’t give many opportunities for travelling. Still, I make it a point to take at least two week long vacations every year. If I can get paid for writing about my travel experiences, it is a dream come true for me. As for the skills required for this job, well, travel writing, like other forms of writing, is a creative activity. One needs to have a flair for building a career in this field. A travel writer should be able to see what others don’t normally see and write about it in an engaging manner. I have already got a few travel articles published by some newspapers and magazines. I am not planning to quit my job to be a travel writer, but I do a bit of travel blogging now. If things work out, I will be a full time travel writer in a couple of years.

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