Films And Games Can Be Accessed At Anytime From Mobile Devices | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Films and games can be accessed at anytime from mobile devices, like smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. Do the advantages of such developments outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Owing to recent technological advancements, people can access entertainment programmes on their mobile devices at any time convenient to them. In my opinion, the detrimental effects these inventions can have on our behavior and family life outweigh any benefits they might bring.

Admittedly, the only benefit of using portable mobile phones and computers for watching our favorite content is that they are cost effective. With a one-time investment in these devices, we can eliminate the additional costs of buying movie tickets and video games each time we want to access them for higher prices, provided we have strong internet connection. For instance, the popularity of applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are at their peak, as they help in downloading programs, watching latest movies and playing games.

Nevertheless, despite the above advantage, I believe that there are some extremely serious issues associated with the usage of these devices/ equipments for entertainment. One such potentially dangerous problem is that it ruins morality. In other words, such devices jeopardize the character of individuals, especially of children, by provoking them to watch inappropriate movies and videos, which ultimately lead children to indulge in anti-social activities, including cybercrimes.

Another negative impact is that these gadgets conspicuously ruin family relationships. When there are more platforms for watching our favorite channels, we tend to spend less time with family members and this gradually paves the way for conflicts, dissatisfaction and disappointments among the members. That is why the number of teenagers attempting suicide and leaving home is rising. They lack emotional bonding with their parents and also lack the emotional maturity to deal with setbacks.

In conclusion, I strongly reckon that any development which would disturb the stability of our mind and relationships should not be encouraged, even if they provide some financial benefits.

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