Employers Collect Personal Information From Job Applicants | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Employers sometimes ask people applying for jobs for personal information, such as their hobbies and interests, and whether they are married or single. Some people say this information may be relevant and useful. Others disagree. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Going for an interview is an exciting as well as an anxious journey. Many employers begin the interview by asking about the personal details of the candidate to make them calm and relaxed. Some individuals believe that it is important to ask such questions because it helps to understand more about the candidate; however, some believe that the information has no use.

Asking personal questions reveals many details about the candidate which is not written in the resume. Questions related to hobbies give more insight into the person. For example, if the vacancy is for the post of a teacher and the candidate says that their favourite pastime is reading, it will leave a positive impression on the recruiter. Interests and hobbies disclose the personality of an individual to a great extent. Sometimes knowing a little more personal details of a candidate can give a clue of his/her future plans to the recruiter which helps them to decide further in the selection process.

On the flip side, many people think that personal information has no relevance while selecting a candidate for a role. Personal details can be fabricated to impress the interview committee and can lead to the collection of false information. In some cases, it can also be used against the candidate. Hence, in their opinion, it is better to ask questions related to the job profile, academic knowledge and work experience of the candidate.

In conclusion, while it is true that the personal information collected during an interview can be false and in certain situations, it can be used against the candidate, personally, I believe that there is nothing wrong with the practice of asking personal questions during an interview. Such questions create a friendly atmosphere between the interviewer and the interviewee and help the latter answer questions more clearly and confidently.

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