Do You Think Art And Music Still Have A Place In Today’s Modern World Of Technology | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Art and music are considered by some as the fundamental elements of all societies. Do you think art and music still have a place in today’s modern world of technology? Should children spend more time in learning art and music at school?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Every society considers art and music as the core components of their culture. In my opinion, the importance of art and music has only increased in this age of technology and hence students should be urged to learn them.

We are living in increasingly stressful times. Of course, technology has made our lives easier. It has created new industries and jobs that did not exist previously. However, technology has also introduced stress into our lives. Most people now have demanding jobs that drain out their energy. Art and music enable them to relax their mind and stay tuned to the rhythm of life after a hectic day at work.

Another reason art still maintains its relevance is that it unites people. Technology is a double edged sword. It can both connect and divide people. Miscreants use technology to promote their divisive agenda. In this troubled times people need something to unite them and art does that job perfectly. It is a common interest that we all share. For example, Indian music and art have a history of thousands of years and they have played an amazing role in uniting the country and its people over the course of history. Indians everywhere are proud of their musical traditions and brilliant sculptures and carving adorning their temples, palaces and monuments. Without these elements of culture, it is not possible to unite a heterogeneous mix of over a billion people.

As for the reasons to encourage students to learn art and music, despite the fact that we are living in a technology driven world, art is still a coveted career option. Music is known to soothe human minds and is widely integrated with every modern infotainment devices. In addition, now music therapy is used to relieve people of their stress and anxiety without any side-effects. I firmly believe that art and music are crucial disciplines even today and hence parents must encourage their children to learn them in depth. Even a general learning of these subjects is known to increase students’ proficiency in other academic subjects.

In conclusion, art and music have always been appreciated throughout the world and their popularity remains intact even today. Hence, it is recommended that children learn these subjects as they make them smarter and may also lead to a prosperous career.

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