Culture Is Similar Around The World | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Culture is similar around the world. What is the reason? Is it a positive trend or a negative trend?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Culture is the same throughout the world. This essay will discuss the reasons for it and shed some light on whether it is a positive or a negative trend.

There are many reasons why culture is becoming the same. Firstly, globalisation has taken over the world. This means that international markets have made their presence in every nook and corner of the planet. As a result, the same things are available to people. Traveling is another reason for this. When someone travels they adopt the culture of that place and bring it back to their home country. Take pottery as an example. This art form has travelled all the way through India to Sri Lanka. Now pottery is a part of Sri Lankan culture.

Online shopping is another factor contributing to this.  Due to the internet, buying items online has become easy. Global products are available from the comfort of one’s home. For instance, has a specified category for international products. This enables the customer to buy products related to other cultures when needed.

In my opinion, this is a negative trend. One of the main reasons is the loss of traditional art and culture. Younger generation, for example, is more attracted towards the glitz and glam of international world. To show off in front of their peers, they value and adopt the culture of other countries. Due to this they do not intend to learn about their own country’s heritage or culture. Furthermore, loss of traditional culture, art and heritage leads to loss of cultural identity.

In conclusion, considering the aforementioned view, in my opinion, cultures becoming the same is a negative trend as it leads to loss of cultural identity that makes each nation unique.

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4 Responses

  1. mohammad says:

    While in the last millennium human-kind has districted in some abstract concept of borderlines and every nation departed despite all the differences and all the obstacle which separate nation from each other’s, humankind has some basic instinct which makes them behave and act in a common manner and because of this similarity in their action every culture anywhere in the world have lot’s of things in common. This essay tries to suggest some possible reasons for this resemblance.
    To the best of my knowledge, the main reason for cultural likeness all around the world is probably is the fact that some days a long time ago humans had been living together as just one colony. That situation had stayed for many years until the last millennium or maybe 2000 years ago when the concept of country and nation generated and it was just after that, humans started to separate themselves from each other by countries border and other abstract factors. This separation includes their culture so it is not a surprising fact that cultures are similar all around the world because the influence of the last 2000 years on nowadays culture is so weaker in comparison to the impact of millions of years living together.
    In addition, even in these last 2000 years, human race has experienced lots of technological development, especially in the 20th century. Living in the world as it is now, With all the progress we have had, is more like to live in a global village and by that I mean people no matter where they are from could easily communicate with other individuals from anywhere they want and also it is not difficult at all to have interaction with other people in other countries, due to these inter-cultural connections, the behavior of people converge and as a result their culture differences disappear day by day.
    In my opinion, this similarity is beneficial because if nothing else the likeness of cultures is one of the most important reasons that makes humans capable of understanding and respecting each other by reducing the conflicts among people or countries which have a verity of culture.
    To sum it up and present a conclusion, our shared history as a human plus our great communication with each other could count as a reason for the cultural similarity which is a beneficial thing with more advantages than disadvantages if it has any.

  2. Gaganpreet Kaur says:

    Question statement:
    No doubt business is done mainly to earn profits but some business ethics should be kept in mind .What do you think, is today’s businessman ethical in his practices?

    Commercial sector is proliferating day after another at a great pace.The main aim behind this marketing is just to lucre as much as possible without paying attention to the moral principles of business.Nowadays, customers are suffering the most because of this practice at the part of sellers.

    Quality of commodities is deteriorating in a sense to even hit the health of buyers.Manufacturers are not concerned regarding the issues which a purchaser will suffer as their area of concern is to earn more and more.A recent detection of a harmful element named lead in the maggie noodles better explain this.Even while they advertise their products, the main focus is to promote the sale rather than awaring population by depicting accurate information.

    Furthermore, the noble proffessions such as health care and teaching sector has also lost the fundamental values.In this prevailing scenario,only the wealthy segment of population can approach to the best quality of treatment and coaching.The decision of whether to provide medical care and treatment to needy is determined by the ability of paying bills. In addition, profit makers do not even hesitate to take an advantage of a miserable. Illiterates are much more prone as their inability to read their bills provide a chance to entrepreneurs to manipulate things.Fear of god is also disappearing.

    To conclude,in order to be good at grounds of faith ,bussinessman must follow the ethical principles which they are ignoring just to make huge piles of currency.

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