Be Going To

Be going to is often used to talk about plans. This is common in an informal style. Note that going to emphasizes the idea of intention.

  • We are going to buy a home. (= We intend to buy a home.)
  • I am going to keep asking her out until she says ‘Yes’.

Be going to is also used to predict future events on the basis of present evidence.

  • Look at the sky. It is going to rain. (There is present evidence. The sky is already black.)

Events outside people’s control

We can use be going to to make predictions about events that are outside people’s control.

  • You are going to have an accident one of these days.
  • It is going to snow before long.

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  1. nidhi says:

    I guess the question I am presenting is very silly but I don’t know how to answer it . Please help me out !!!
    Speaking question:
    Where do you from?
    What should I answer if I am out of my country for study purpose?>> should I speak about my home country or the place I live currently?
    Please help me out. thank you

    • ielts practice says:

      If they ask you where you come from, speak about your home country. If they ask you where you live, speak about where you currently live.

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