Band 8 Sample | Social Networking Sites Have a Negative Effect On Society

The following is an essay submitted by one of our students.

Many people believe that social networking (sites such as Facebook) have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extent do you agree?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task and write at least 250 words.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is often argued that social networking sites like Facebook influences people as well as societies and local communities in a negative way. This essay disagrees with this statement because Facebook acts as a common platform for individuals from different backgrounds and helps in solving many socio-economical problems.

There are many reasons why social media plays an important role in an individual’s life. Firstly, they bring people from different parts of the world together. This helps in building new relationships and provides an opportunity to learn about diverse cultures. These sites have even helped many people to find their lost families. In addition, those who share common interests can participate in groups and forums. For example, Facebook has several community groups created by people with extra-ordinary skills in art, music, dance or cookery. Those who are interested in these activities can join these groups and learn new skills. In this fast moving world, social networking sites give relaxation to those who do not have time to meet or communicate with anyone outside their community circle.

Another important advantage of social networking sites is that they allow people to voice their views, opinions and also protest against any global issues. There have been instances where cases like violation of human rights, child trafficking, child abduction, and so on were reported to government authorities through such forums. Recently, photos of a missing kid were posted On Facebook by their family members. Due to the large influx of likes and shares, the picture became quite famous and authorities had to take quick measures to resolve the case. As a result, the culprit was captured and penalized under law. Hence, such forums help in awakening the duties and responsibilities of the authorities and compel ordinary citizens to obey the law.

In conclusion, technological advancements in the field of internet have always helped mankind. By proper usage of social networking sites such as Facebook people can unite and work together for a global cause.

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