Band 8.5 Essay Sample | It Is Unfair To Use Animals For Our Benefit

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Some people say it is okay to use animals for our benefits, others say it is not good to exploit them. Discuss. You should write at least 250 words.

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Band 8.5 essay sample

Many people consider that exploiting animals for our benefit is fine. However others differ stating that “it is incorrect to use them”. In my opinion, keeping animals as pets and taking care of them is a gesture of kindness and should be supported; however utilizing animals for commercial purposes is absolutely inhumane.

On the one hand, animals like dogs and cats are kept as pets by many people and this ensures their protection and well-being. These pets provide company to their owners and in return get loved and sheltered. Similarly, animals like cows and goats provide milk which is consumed by most people and is also a source of income for many. In return these animals are well fed, taken good care of and given proper treatments as and when required.

On the other hand, misuse of some animals cannot be neglected. For instance, donkeys and camels are often overloaded with excessive baggage. Another example of cruel treatment of animals is conducting drug and cosmetic tests on them for the sole purpose of revenue generation. Many animals not only suffer pain, but also die because of exposure to such products. These unethical practices amount to cruelty towards animals and must not be permitted.

To conclude, I think keeping animals as pets and treating them with humanity and affection is a right thing to do, but exploitation of animals for business profits and other materialistic gains is cruel and should be completely prohibited.

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