Band 7 letter sample | Invite a friend to your wedding

You are getting married soon. Write a letter to your friend from a different country and invite him/her to the wedding. In your letter:
– Describe your future wife/husband.
– What will happen at the wedding?
– Why do you want to invite him/her?

Student’s response

Dear Marry,

It has been a while since we met. I have some exciting news for you. I am getting married in this July! Yes, I cannot believe that I am actually saying that. My husband, Rick, and I have met at a conference on financial markets. He is currently the head of Goldmen Stocks. Also, I was surprised to know that he has studied at Oxford the very same time we did. Peculiar, is not it?

Anyway, I would love to invite you to our wedding. There are going to be people mainly from the finance industry, so you might find someone interesting to talk to. Additionally, we are planning to organise it in Italy. Thus, we can visit museums and enjoy famous Italian pizza.

I am keen to see you at our wedding after all these years. Actually, I feel guilty about not writing to you for so long.

I hope you can make it.


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