Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample | Restricting Air Travel Is The Only Way To Reduce Air Pollution

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Restricting air travel is the only way to prevent air pollution. Do you agree?

Band 7 IELTS Essay sample

Some people believe that the only way to avoid air pollution is limiting the air traffic. I disagree with this view. In my opinion, restricting air traffic will not completely prevent the pollution. Also it can have negative effects on the nation’ economy.

To begin with, the main problem associated with aviation is the noise and gases emitted by the airlines. This pollution can be controlled to a certain extent by limiting the number of aeroplanes. But, it is almost impossible to prevent the pollution as the majority of the pollutants in the air do not come from the airlines. It may be due to other factors. For example, the increasing number of vehicles on the road or the human activity such as deforestation often causes more pollution than the air contamination due to flights. Therefore, it is evident that limiting air traffic is not the complete solution to deal with the air pollution.

What’s more, restricting aeroplanes to prevent pollution can have many serious consequences on the country. First of all, the tourism industry will be affected due to the less availability of the airlines for the international or domestic passengers. International imports and exports of goods will also be affected. As a result, the country will not experience financial growth. Therefore, I believe that the governments of the countries¬† will not take such a risk by limiting¬† the air transportation when there are other options available .

To conclude, it is evident that the idea of restricting the air traffic is not the best or workable solution for the problem of air pollution. Also, the consequences of such actions may adversely affect the country’s economy.

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