Band 7.5 Essay Sample | Many Criminals Commit Further Crimes As Soon As They Are Released

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Many criminals commit further crime as soon as they are released from prison. What do you think are the causes for this? What possible solutions can you suggest?

Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It is true that convicted criminals commit offences again upon their release. There are various reasons for this, but steps can definitely be taken to tackle the problem. In my opinion, there are three main factors which encourage criminals to commit crimes again.

Firstly, it is difficult for the ex-criminals to secure a job for living. Employers believe that criminals are not trust worthy to be recruited and reject their applications. Secondly, criminals are stigmatised by the society. Usually, people do not like to interact with criminals and not many landlords want to let their house to them. Finally, relatives and friends hurt and isolate ex-criminals by blaming them for everything wrong with their family.

On the bright side, there are several ways to reform criminals. I believe that governments have an important role to play here. They should introduce special workshops that teach various skills to prisoners / ex-offenders. Later these people should also be provided with some funds with which they can establish their own businesses. If these people can find employment, they are less likely to commit crimes again. Community leaders should also play an active role in breaking the barriers between the criminals and the society. They should give criminals an opportunity to have meaningful interactions with other members of the society. At the same time, loved ones should understand the mental turbulence of ex-prisoners and give them the support and confidence.

In conclusion, criminals will continue to reoffend unless the government, the society and families trust and help them to reclaim their lives.

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