Band 7.5 essay about mobile phones and young children

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Essay topic

The dangers and complexities of the modern world have made the mobile phone an absolute necessity for children.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Student’s essay

These days, we see an increasing number of children carrying mobile phones. These gadgets that were once a luxury for teenagers are becoming a necessity for younger children. One reason to this is the affordability of mobile phones these days. A more significant reason is the concern of parents over the danger and complexity of the modern world.

Mobile phones were designed to improve and break the limitations of communication. As population, traffic, and various complexities in society increases, there are concerns over safety of children. This is credited to the difficulty of communication between children and parents. Gone were the days where children could travel freely without worrying their parents. As a result, parents resort to giving their children mobile phones. This puts their mind at ease knowing that their children will be contactable in any case of emergency.

However, there are people questioning the effectiveness of mobile phones on curbing danger. Schools are generally safe for children and have payphones available when urgent communication is needed. Furthermore, allowing children to carry expensive gadgets might in fact make them vulnerable to danger. Some parents might also take the ease of communication for granted by allowing their children too much freedom. Young children are not supposed to be allowed to travel without the supervision of adults, be it teachers or parents. Giving them a mobile phone does not make them more protected.

To sum up, I do see the benefits of giving children mobile phones, but I do not agree that it is an absolute necessity. The focus should be on raising safety awareness among children through education. They should also be provided with sufficient protection and supervision. This are direct methods that should be taken to create a safe environment for children, instead of over-reliance on mobile phones.

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