As Communication Technology Develops, It Changes The Way We Communicate With Friends And Family Members | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

As communication technology develops, it changes the way we communicate with friends and family members compared to the past. Do you think this has more advantages or disadvantages?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample 

In contemporary settings, it is generally acknowledged that people’s way of interacting with their relations has transformed from face-to-face conversations to video calls or text messages through the usage of advanced telecommunication devices such as mobile phones or computers. While some people believe that this is facilitating individuals’ social lives, I do not agree with them and conversely, I believe that it generates more drawbacks.

It is true that the modern interaction has brought some benefits to people’s social lives. To be more specific, it is common for people to relocate to other places for their career or academic pursuits, and under this circumstance, the usage of modern technology such as mobile phones enables them to conveniently communicate with each other on a daily basis: and this plays significant roles in maintaining the quality of their social lives. Also, the utilization of such technologies provides people opportunities to make friends with netizens all over the world without taking their physical locations into consideration. This is why modern people have the largest circle of friends and it is the solid proof of the enhancement of their social lives, whereas in the past individuals’ social circles were limited to the people they live or work with.

However, the disadvantages of such cutting-edge gadget-based communication obviously exist. In recent years/ these days, most people focus on interacting with their virtual friends and expanding their social networks and have no time to interact with their family members or friends, resulting in the isolation of them. Even when attending a family function or a meeting, people are busy browsing their social media accounts and thus they fail to be attentive to the people around them. Also, such convenient ways of communication make individuals neglect stepping outside and communicating with others in person, which exerts serious adverse influence on the maintenance of their relationships, since video calls or sending text messages cannot replace the warmth of face-to-face conversations.

In conclusion, while new mode of communication has generated some benefits, it also has created more drawbacks.

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