All The People In A Company Should Be Treated Equally And Provided With The Same Number Of Vacations | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

All the people in a company should be treated equally and provided with the same number of vacations in a year. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Most of the high-level employees are getting more holidays in a calendar year than the entry level trainees. There have been some debates about whether all the employees should get equal number of vacations or not. In my opinion every individual in an organisation should be give the same number of holidays regardless of their position within the organizational hierarchy.

Firstly, employees at the managerial level get more holidays as they enjoy more privileges whereas trainees often find it difficult to get their leave applications approved. Furthermore, most of the senior management team prefer to work remotely and tend to avoid extended work hours and weekend supports. In contrast, interns are loaded with more work from their immediate supervisor and forced to increase their productivity by working after hours as well. This is mainly because of the inequality which is created by senior employees for their own welfare. However, forcing juniors to work harder has its downsides because it might affect the quality of their performance.

 To eradicate this, all the employees should involve actively in team building activities and lay a new foundation without any partiality among the employees. Consequently, year end growth productivity as well as revenue would increase significantly and create a healthy work atmosphere. For instance, one of the leading multinational companies claims that by giving the same number of holidays to all the employees and respecting every individual equally have helped them to surpass the company goal.

To conclude, I firmly agree with the argument that creating a healthy work environment by giving equal opportunities and the same number of days off to all the level of employees would undoubtedly result in the growth of the company.

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