A Country Becomes More Interesting When Its Population Includes A Mixture Of Nationalities | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Ever since the dawn of industrialization, ethnic landscape of many developed and developing nations has changed remarkably. It is often argued that diversity of races brings social harmony and makes a country richer in social and economic aspects. I completely agree with this viewpoint. This essay will explain the reasons by analyzing the copiousness of the culture brought in by different nationalities.

To start with, the more diverse the ethnic landscape of country, the richer the culture becomes. For instance, there are several nationalities living in Singapore and this leads to hundreds of different cuisines throughout the country. So a European can indulge in Indian and Pakistani food, whereas an Indian can enjoy western food. Similarly a country with many nationalities enjoys different festivals like Deepavali, Christmas , Hari Raya etc. These festivals bring joy to the society and help others to understand the culture of other nationalities. In the process other nationalities start to embrace the culture of their fellow citizens which creates beautiful social harmony and mutual respect for each other.

Besides, many researchers have established the fact that a diverse work culture is likely to flourish faster than a monolithic work force. Different countries have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Asians are taught mathematics from very early age and are genuinely good at it, while the Europeans are known for their engineering skills. Hence the amalgamation of cultures always benefits the country’s growth and overall well-being.

To conclude, having a mixture of different nationalities living together leads to the enrichment of culture and faster growth of a country. It is expected that many countries will benefit from this in future.

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12 Responses

  1. Krish says:

    Some People claim that not enough of the waste from homes is recycled. They say that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement.
    Considering the phase of current generation people consuming food and using products of one time usage of plastics, this has been an concern and threat to the global environment. However, i agree that imposing strict laws will help people take the ownership and mandatory to recycle waste. Let us look at the facts that could support the thought of laws implementation.
    Firstly, with the growing population and food consumption has been increasing drastically every day. Some People think the office going generation having less time are not finding time to segregate waste. And they think that this category of people have to be educated on the strict rules and how a minimal extra time could help and contribute to help government to recycle the waste. In fact in a country like India we have the rural zones who are not communicated or educated on the recycle program plans that governments are implemented for the beneficial of the society and nature of their surroundings. This is a gap that needs to be filled as the initial step from the government. That could be a learning lesson for the urban population to take the initiative as being more educated and responsible.
    On the other hand, though many countries have executed strict laws on the waste management and communications spread across that has caused problem on the environment. People still feel not responsible for this as a serious concern. Every individual should start thinking on what a small effort from their side of segregating waste could help the government and environment. For example, with the current plan of Swatch Bharath abiyan program implemented by the Indian government since six years. As per the survey by the environmental and safety measures board, we find only around 40% of the public has followed and started with a thought to segregate waste.
    This importance of following the rules and steps by this generation is only based on people considering themselves responsible and take ownership rather than the government making strong rules to control the public to follow the recycle rule. In my opinion, the laws are only to get the people conscious that we have management who is monitoring us to recycle waste, but the fact is its each of us to be responsible for good and bad situations that could cause threat to the eco life around us.

  2. Santhosh kumar says:

    In this contemporary era, people are travelling from one place to another for several purpose. It is a fact that the country becomes more vibrant, bustle and develop in leaps and bound, when the society contains mixed nationalities. I totally agree with this view point due to following reasons and concludes with relevant examples.
    To start with, more diversity, richer the culture becomes. People become more adaptive and learn to respect each other For instance, In Dubai all nationalities are living together and exchange their culture in harmony. During every festival of the respective country, the building Burj Khalifa were enlighten with the themes on the basis to show their gratitude.Secondly, they get a chance to celebrate most of the festive and helps to get along with each other more deeper. Moreover, people get a chance to explore and learn about other countries cuisine.
    Furthermore, it also helps the countries to get intellectual ideas from people throughout the world. As, it was proved several times that different nationalities in a group helps to develop more with innovative ideas and can finish the work effectively. For examples, In America, most of the IT professionals are Asians, Indians are known for medical field whereas, Europeans are known for their engineering skills and many more.
    To conclude, it is true that the country will be more productive and enjoyable in all sector such as culture, cuisines, skills and so on. Therefore, altogether it helps in both the enrichment as well as the development of the country.

  3. surya says:

    Many countries are becoming more diverse than ever before. An increase in the number of different nationalities in a country contributes to cultural richness and development. This essay will explore the reasons why I completely agree with the aforementioned statement.

    Cultural diversity plays a key role in the development of a country. Globalisation has made the world open to several trading opportunities. The people from different countries can offer valuable information about their culture and tradition which can be utilised for global trading. Besides, the exposure to different cultures and the interaction with people from different countries make people tolerant and open to changes which develop social harmony. The workforce is strengthened due to the presence of people from all over the world. For instance, Canada is promoting immigration to ensure further development following the path of well developed Cosmopolitan countries like Singapore and Hongkong.

    In addition to development, the mix of different citizens makes the country interesting as well. When a person migrates to foreign countries they also carry their food habits, lifestyles and festivals along with them. The influence of foreign cultures can significantly widen the range of activities to explore which makes a country more fascinating. To exemplify, people celebrate Christmas all over the world, likewise, many other interesting festivals are enjoyed by people irrespective of their nationality or religion.

    To conclude, the presence of different nationalities in countries have clear benefits in terms of development and their cultural richness makes it more appealing to others. Therefore, I completely agree that the cosmopolitan communities are interesting and have the potential to develop fast.

  4. surya says:

    how can I find my comment

  5. athira says:

    It is irrefutable that famous personalities who gain a successful career have a weaker family and social bond. Often it is noticed that most people who created a big impact over the world dedicated themselves to work and deterred themselves from having a work-life balance. This essay will discuss reasons behind this phenomenon, and would state why we should completely encourage people for a better work-life balance.

    The main reason why people should avoid fully focusing upon work is, when they focus only on career it results in poor family relationships. Less bonding with children can effect their relationship with parents. For instance, Dan Kowoski is a famous scientist who had a great career. However, he had a very poor bond with his wife and children as he had less time to spare for them. He had to entirely put his focus on inventions. Consequently, children got scattered with less education and hence had no career. A person who focus on work-life balance could attain a better self and family.

    The other reason is when a person focus only on work he tend to focus less on his health. Irregular food habits can eventually lead to an unhealthy physique bounded by various diseases. A person when he concentrates on work forgets or skips to have a meal. This would lead to various diseases such as ulcers and organ failures. As a result, he would lose the health and hence career.

    People should focus on their work, but also life must be balanced in par with the career. Without having a proper balance of life, it can lead to a destructive physical and mental health. Nonetheless, a better career is only possible with a better self. For example, companies should encourage people to play indoor and outdoor activities as part of relieving themselves from stress. As a result they can take care of themselves thereby having a better health while they work. A stressed out work life not only harm an individual’s health but also effects an individual life span.

    To conclude, people would gain wealth and popularity on having a successful career if the concentrate only on work. Nonetheless, if they does not focus upon a life balance everything would be in vein. A balance between life and work would create a better human being and eventually a better livelihood.

  6. Sreelakshmi says:

    It is considered by many people that there are people from various countries in population, then a country not only becomes fascinating but also have quicker development. In my opinion, although a country will develop faster with people with varying nationalities, it becomes less interesting with varying culture.

    It is irrefutable that if people from various nations are brought together, their ideas are also getting shared. Thus, it aids in development of the country. Moreover, if a country has varying nationalities, there will be a need for the development of infrastructure to cater their needs. For instance, since United Kingdom has an overwhelming number of people from India, there are plethora of Indian restaurants in London. Also, people can share their experience and get a chance to meet like-minded people from various country. This can help in the development of individual as well as the society.

    However, a country become less interesting when there is a mixture of culture. Firstly, people flock to certain place to learn more about the culture. Losing unique culture may result in people being less curious to know about that particular country. Secondly, people may be encouraged to speak a common language to interact with people from other nation. Therefore, tradition slowly disappears along with the native language. Finally, a country would not have an identity because people from other nations become the permanent residents of that country. In other words, the more a country loose its identity the less interesting it would be.

    To conclude, even though faster development is made possible if people from various countries are brought together, a country becomes uninteresting with a mix of culture.